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Coming Soon!

We have big exciting news! Sweet Zen Bakery will be moving to Malvern and finally opening a brick and mortar storefront where you can walk in and grab all your favorites or even place some custom orders! In the meantime though, we have had to put the business on hold but it’s only temporary. We’re keeping our social media pages updated with our progress and will also do so right here! We’re looking forward to seeing you in our new zen den soon!

Why Sweet Zen?

How often have you seen a dessert that looks so beautiful and just couldn’t resist? You take a bite and….eh….disappointing. Not worth the calories!

The focus at Sweet Zen Bakery is not only to create desserts, pastries, and breads that look beautiful but to also use the highest quality ingredients we can to make delicious AND beautiful creations. Using quality ingredients and organic or non-gmo when possible ensures the consistency we all look for in a product. It’s that combination of beauty, deliciousness, and consistency that will keep you coming back for more Zen!

Special Orders

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